About us

Who we are

Security and Reliability

Legal compliance, asset protection, ease of use

High Performance

1.000.000 orders / sec processing power

High Liquidity

Strong international network of capitals and resources

Top Cryptocurrencies


Our Advantages

Experience and Expertise

Decades of background in finance and regulations provide a stable base for Nexinter trading features, safety, and successful risk mitigation.

A-class products

The Nexinter trading platform is enhanced by state-of-the-art security and stability features. Its optimized performance is paired with large trading capacity and deep market penetration.

High-end Tech

The underlying structure of the trading platform allows for a large volume of trading at high processing power of XYZ orders per second.

Legal compliance

Providing the highest protection of the assets, Nexinter complies with the latest security standards and international regulations, embedding strict KYC and AML mechanisms.



Deposit Free of charge

Withdrawal 0.90 EUR

Non-standard Processing SEPA

Transfer return 0.25% (minimum fee is 25 EUR)
Transfer trace 30 EUR
Transfer amendments 30 EUR
Administrative costs 50 EUR

International WIRE

Deposit 0.05% deposit fee on our side (minimum fee is 7.50 EUR/USD, maximum fee is 300 EUR/USD) Withdrawal 0.09% fee, minimum fee is 15 EUR/USD on Nexinter’s end and may incur additional international bank fees

Non-standard Processing International WIRE

Transfer return 0.25% (minimum fee is 50 USD)
Transfer trace 35 USD
Transfer amendments 35 USD
Administrative costs 50 USD


Deposit Free of charge

Withdraw Free of charge

All trading pairs (cumulative)

Fee % 0.25%